Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Matthew

On Halloween Matt saw lots of kids dressed up as spider-man, which sparked a new interest for him.  I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of Matt liking spider-man, and we’ve only let him watch a cartoon from the 70s of spider-man, but I will admit, planning a spider-man party was actually REALLY fun!

We started the party with some lunch, including spider-web pizza, salad, bread sticks  spider-web jell-o, cookies, and spider juice.

After lunch we played "Pin the Spider on the Web"

Next we sprayed our webs (with silly string) to shoot the bad guys.


(I am not an artist, but I thought my drawings of the bad guys turned out cute...
even if they did just end up getting covered in silly string).

Next Matt opened some presents.

Our friends just happen to have a spider-man bounce house that they let us borrow.
The kids LOVED it!!
Thank you SOO much Chris!!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of this, but I got some great videos...
the party ended with a surprise visitor....


(Blake, thanks a TON for the costume and thanks Luke a TON for being spider-man!)  
Matt is still talking about it!

Happy Birthday Matt!  You sure are a fun, happy, good little boy!


Dave and Mandi said...

Adorable!! Happy Birthday Matthew!

Kristy said...

SO CUTE! It turned out amazing! You're amazing.

Courtney N said...

You are so creative!! Wow!! It looks like a great birthday!!

Naazju said...

I love when boys reach the stage where they love superheroes. What a great looking party!

Ioana said...

So much fun!!! Haylee, you are awesome, awesome, awesome! Happy (belated) b-day, Matt!

Angie and J.D. said...

I love the one where Matt is so excited! Is that when spiderman came in? What's with Daxton's face at the table? lol!! He's been talking about it for days. You should be an event planner!