Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We've been making a few changes around our house.
We moved Matt down to the basement to make a room for the baby,
Lindsay is now in a big girl bed,
 the nursery is almost ready for baby boy,
and since our room was the only one without a change,
Santa brought us some new bedding! 

Here are some of the before and afters:

Matt's old room/now the nursery:



Although, I will admit, I'm a little sad we don't get to use the bedding we made for Matt's nursery:

Our bedroom before:

And after:

Lindsay's room before:

And after:
(there are still a few changes her bed frame that I'm REALLY excited about).


Savannah said...

CUTE!! You're great at decorating! I love your new bedding!

Bridget said...

Cute Cute! I LOVE your new bedding and I LOVE Lindsay's quilt! Did you make it?

Julie said...

Beautifully done!

Haylee said...

Thanks b! I was going to make her one but I found this one on ksl and figured it was cheeper and easier to just buy it.