Saturday, January 5, 2013


Our kids have been a little under the weather this week.
And with the FREEZING weather we've had this week, 
we were getting MAJOR cabin fever.
I thought the perfect remedy would be a little “vacation.”  
So, Friday we headed to ALASKA!!

We did a little whale watching.

Followed by a little “ice-fishing.”

Matt caught us some DELICIOUS salmon for dinner!

And of course we had to have “Baked Alaska” for dessert!

Then we set up our camp.
(Darin’s parents gave Matt this little tent for Christmas.  
He has slept inside it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!  
It came with this awesome little tunnel thing, which connected perfectly to the “doggie door” on our big tent.)

Matt LOVED going back and forth in the tunnel from the big tent to the little tent.

 Matt was also the only one who actually slept in the tent the whole night.

In the morning we went exploring to see if we could find a moose…and we found two of our favorites…”Moostache,” and “If You Give A Moose A Muffin.”

And of course, we had to make some muffins for our breakfast!

For lunch, we ate hot dogs inside our tent.

Then we went outside for a little “Alaskan site seeing”—all in our back yard.

I LOVE this picture Darin took of the drip coming off the icicle.

It was a wonderful trip to Alaska! 
We just wish we could have seen our family that actually LIVES in Alaska!


Jadi said...

What a fun idea!! Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun and creative mom! :)

Naazju said...

What a cute activity day!

(And GORGEOUS icicle picture!)

McKenna said...

Oh my goodness.... you are too cute for words. I love this vacation you took! Fabulous!