Monday, December 31, 2012

Santa’s Helper

I got to be “Santa’s Helper” this year.
Have you heard of the “Island of Misfit Toys?
Well, my sister, Heather, had a “misfit” toy that she let me have.
I fixed up this kitchen, and I LOVE the outcome!

Here is the before:

And after a little scrubbing, painting, and a few embellishments.....

Here is the after:

And I LOVE these little pots we found to go with the kitchen.

Thanks A MILLION Heather!  It was our favorite part of Christmas!!

#8 Go to “The Forgotten Carols”

Have you ever listened to “The Forgotten Carols” soundtrack?  I LOVE it!!  It was always playing during Christmas at my house growing up.  I think I was in Junior High when I found out that there was actually a musical that went with it, and ever since I have wanted to go.  So, not only is this a 30 before 30 bucket list item, but something that’s been on my lifetime bucket list.

As one of my Christmas presents Darin took me!  I’ll admit, I had imagined the story differently, but it was still good.  I know some people that make it a tradition to go every year, but now that I have gone once, I think I’ll be satisfied just listening to the CD.

Thanks Darin for taking me!  And thanks Ben and Kristy for watching our kids!

Best Neighbors EVER!!!

I LOVE where we live.  
If I could hand pick my neighbors, I would chose the EXACT ones that I have!

I rarely shovel the snow, someone else always seems to do it first.

If I am missing an ingredient for dinner, I know I could go to any of my neighbors for a fill in.

Darin will probably never buy a ladder because our neighbors are so willing to share theirs.

I could go on and on about all the service that our neighbors have done, but I was especially thankful this week when we had a big snow storm.  Matt REALLY wanted to play in the snow, but being pregnant, and having this anti-virus, I’m really not supposed to be sledding or playing in the snow.

Then, one of our neighbors came over and asked Matt to go sledding.  He was in HEAVEN!!  I think they played in the front yard for two hours.  They made a fort, a bridge, a sledding track, snow angels, and more.  It was nice for me to have a little break, but I think it was even nicer for Matt to get some special attention and play.

Thanks Jon!  You REALLY made Matt’s day!

Happy Hanukkah!

No, we’re not Jewish, but yes, I do like to celebrate Hanukkah every year.
Mainly because the food is SOOO good, but not good for you!
Last year Darin’s parents bought us these awesome place mats.  

If you turn the wheel, it lights the menorah candles one at a time.

We had a dreidel sandwich and a celery menorah for lunch.

Then we had our traditional latkes and donuts for dinner!

Happy Hanukkah!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Pajamas

This year I made Christmas pajamas for our family 
(with help from my mom—THANKS MOM!!).  
For as easy as pajamas are to make, I was amazed how long they took to make. 

And I kind of think this kids are ridiculously adorable! 

Welling Christmas Breakfast!

Every year on Christmas morning we get together with all of my Welling cousins for Christmas breakfast.  It is one of my VERY favorite traditions—partially because the food is SOOO good, but mostly because I just LOVE our family!!  This year we did breakfast at my mom's house.

Christmas Morning

      I can’t remember having a better Christmas in my life, and I honestly can’t imagine that Christmas could get any better!  I stayed in bed by Matt until he fell asleep.  It was so fun to watch his droopy little eyes try so hard to stay awake so he could catch a glimpse of Santa out the window.  He talked in his sleep twice and laughed in his sleep too. 

     In the morning, Darin and I were too excited to wait, so we woke up both of the kids to open presents.  When we woke Matt up, the first thing he said was, “Let’s see if Santa ate his cookies and took the carrots for the deer!”
     Lindsay (and Matt) were THRILLED with the new kitchen that Santa brought, and it has already been used for hours!  And Matt got the Spiderman costume he’s been wanting so badly!  Santa was also kind to Darin and me!  It was fun to get to spend the morning with Darin’s parents too!  The kids LOVED having the extra attention.

Christmas Eve

We had a great time with my family on Christmas Eve.
We started with a DELICIOUS dinner that included nothing but appetizers!

After dinner Grandpa read us Luke 2 from a beautiful picture book.

And Great Grandpa Welling read Lindsay the new Snowman at Work book.

Then we got to open some Christmas gifts—and we were spoiled!

When we came home we listened to Lindsay and Mom G play the piano,

 we opened our Christmas jamies, then we set out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

I know that this is probably inappropriate, but I peeked at this cute face during family prayer, 
and I just had to snap a picture!!

After the kids went to bed mom, dad, Darin, and I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
A PERFECT Christmas Eve, if you ask me!

Gunnerson Christmas Party

Sunday night we had all of the Gunnersons over for a Christmas dinner (minus Tom and Abbey).  
I can’t believe how big our group is getting! We’re now over 30 people! 
  It was a really fun night, with really fun people, and really yummy food!  
The only bad thing of the night was that I got so busy that I didn’t take any pictures!  
Thanks Jadi for sharing the ones that you took!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread Girls!

Today we had a few of my cousins and a few of Matt's cousins over to make gingerbread men.
We gave them the choice of making girls or boys, and nearly everyone chose the girls!
(Maybe because Matt was the ONLY boy!)
We cut out the dough upstairs, then did our decorating downstairs.

This is Lindsay's latest trick that makes me laugh.

I think Heather was the winner for cutest gingerbread men/girls.

Matt enjoying the final product!

The crew (minus Heather and mom).

Saying goodbye with a little smooch!

Thanks for coming girls!  It is always a treat to have you!!

And I think that Matt is getting more excited to have a baby brother
 so he won't be the only boy next time!!