Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Gender Reveal!!

Tonight we went to the Bountiful City Light Parade.
It was pretty cold, but Matt LOVED it.
Especially because he got more candy tonight than on Halloween.

After the light parade we had my family over for a hot chocolate bar
which included cake pops to reveal the baby gender.

Getting ready to find out the baby gender…


We are thrilled that #3 is a boy!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dear Santa,

Matthew has been asking me for a week to write a letter to Santa.  
Today, we finally got around to doing it.

Lindsay was acting pretty grouchy and did NOT want to write a letter to Santa.
I kept asking her to come write a letter to Santa, and she kept saying, “NO!”

Then, Matthew said,
“It’s ok mom.  I’ll ask Santa to bring Lindsay some pink toys.”
Can we say heart melter?  LOVE that boy!

After we mailed our letter to Santa we finished decorating the Christmas tree.

Would you believe that Matt and Lindsay did this pose without any prompting from me?

LOVE these kids!

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Christmas Tree Hunt

Poor Darin was sick today.  
He slept for nearly the whole day.  
I made him get out of bed for an hour to have him get a tree with us.
He wanted to stay in the car, but was a good sport and came with us.

The kids LOVED exploring the tree lot.

Then their exploring turned into racing.

And, of course, the finish line was the first one to touch dad.

We picked out a good tree and we're ready to decorate!

Life is wonderful!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

First thing Wednesday morning we headed in to the doctor’s office and found out the gender of our little baby!!  (More on that later).

Following the appointment we finished packing a few things for our trip to St. George.  I kept thinking through everything we packed.  Did we have the camera?  Did we have extra memory cards?  The extra camera lens?  Check. Check. Check.

We got down to St. George and I took this picture of Lindsay, then our camera died.  And I didn't bring the charger!  Grrr!!!  Luckily, we used Darin’s camera phone, and that actually worked out pretty well.  Yay for technology!

We had a WONDERFUL time in St. George in mom and dad’s beautiful home!  Lucky for me, I married into a fabulous family, with an amazing cook for a mother-in-law.  Every meal was delicious!  Including the actual Thanksgiving feast!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were filled with playing croquet, volleyball, lots of shopping (including Olivia taking me on my first black Friday adventure), eating, visiting, and relaxing!  It was the perfect vacation!

(I LOVE this picture of Lindsay giving Liv a hug...and I LOVE her moccasins). 

Saturday was Matt’s favorite part of the trip when we explored the red rocks. 

After church on Sunday we headed back home, and even the rides were enjoyable since Heather let us use her awesome DVD players!  (Thanks Heather!)

Thanks mom and dad for the WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful time and we love you so much!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday Is A Special Day!

Darin has been gone A LOT lately, and it seems like we've had days were we've seen each other for only 15 minutes or so.  However, this past Saturday we spent nearly the WHOLE day together! 

We woke up and my brother Ben took some family pictures for us.  And since none of us had had breakfast we splurged a little and went out to Kneaders! Always such a treat!  Matt LOVED getting to sit in the window with Eliza!

Later that afternoon we headed up to Park City with my parents to the Kimball Arts Center.  Back in 2002 Chihuly had some artwork come to SLC during the Olympics, and I LOVED his work.  He blows glass, and the things he makes are incredible!  Here are a few of his pieces:

They didn't have nearly as many pieces as SLC did, but it was still fun to see some of his work. Although, I will admit, I think my heart was beating about 200 times faster than usual.  I was so worried that I would lose control of one of my kids and they would break a piece. But we made it out OK!

After checking out the Chihuly exibit (which, by the way, is being shown until January 6th for free), we looked at the rest of the artwork in the museum.  Matt thought it was pretty fun that we went to TWO art museums in the SAME week!


What a WONDERFUL weekend!!