Monday, September 24, 2012

#4- Do the Dirty Dash

Another 30 before 30 accomplished!


I laughed so hard.  I really have the best family ever!

I ran the race with my awesome brother Rick, and my two fantastic cousins McCall and Blake.
They really are all SO fabulous to have run this with me!

I think we need to make this a family tradition,
and hopefully we can get more of the family to join in.

And a special thanks to our photographer Darin (who has committed to running next year).
And a special thanks to my mom for cheering, making our banner, and watching my kids!

On to the pictures!

McCall, Rick, me, and  Blake

Aren't those mountains BEAUTIFUL!?

Coming down the slide!

My mom made us this awesome poster.

I LOVE this photo!  Just wish those three guys weren't there.

Running through the awesome poster mom made!

One last awesome group shot.

And if you want to see what the dirty dash is like...check this out!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brigham City Temple Open House

Today we were able to go to the Brigham City Temple open house.  It was beautiful!  
We had a little bit of a rough start (hence why everyone but Darin looks homeless), but we made it, and we were glad we went.

Our family in front of the temple.

A hallway.

The baptismal font.

The celestial room.

To learn more about why Mormons build temples click HERE.

After we went through the temple my grandpa Welling gave us a little tour of Brigham City.

We saw some cool places, read some newspaper articles, heard some stories, and learned a lot of new things about our family.  For example, have you heard of Brigham City Peach Days?  Well, today I found out that my great-great grandparents were in charge of the FIRST Peach Days!

This restaurant, just blocks from the new temple is where my great grandpa grew up.  
The parking lot is where their garden was.

Another home of a great-great grandparent.

This is the chapel where my great grandpa was the bishop for 20 year!  Whoa!  That is long!

We ended the tour at the cemetery.

You can read  some of my favorite stories about my great grandparents, on my cousin Lori’s blog 

You really should go read it, Lori wrote it with her mother, my aunt DeAnna.
They are both excellent writers, 
and the stories are inspiring even if you're not related!

Then, we got some lunch at Madox!

And visited a little side of the road produce stand.  

Love those kids!

Friday, September 14, 2012

First Day of School.

Matt had his first day of pre-school.
It’s actually pre-pre school, like joy school.
It made him seem so old.
We’re just taking turns with other moms.
I’m really excited about it, and Matt’s even more excited!

After we crossed the street, Matt said to me,
“You don’t have to hold my hand the rest of the way.”
…I was hoping that wouldn’t happen until he was like 30.

Matt was really excited about wearing his backpack.  He is my little stud-muffin!!

Matt and his buddy Dax.

 It should be a fun year!

Clark Planetarium

For the first preschool field trip we took the kids to the planetarium.
(Oh how I wish you could hear Matt say “planetarium.”  It’s a heart melter).

Experimenting with clouds.

Learning with “Teacher Suzy.”

Walking on the moon.

Matt liked the rockets the best.

Going on the e-e- escalator.  (E was the letter of the week).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day...sans the labor

We had a pretty relaxing and uneventful Labor day weekend.  
Monday night we met up with my sister for a chilly swim…
sadly possibly the last swim of the season.  
We were about to head home when Greg came to the pool with PIZZA!!  
Wahoo for a yummy dinner that I didn’t have to make!  
Thanks Greg and Heather for the yummy pizza!

Lindsay sporting Becca's goggles!

Matt spent most of the night running on the "secret path."

It really is sad that Matt doesn't like his cousins at all.
HE LOVES them!!

Lindsay going down the "wide" aka slide.

Noodle glasses!