Thursday, December 6, 2012

Work Party!

Tonight was Darin’s work party.
I really do LOVE going to his work parties, they do a nice job!
We started out with some YUMMY dinner (fish, chicken, pork, yummy veggies, roasted potatoes, bruschetta, crackers with lots of cheese, meats, and fruit, rolls, and more), they also had comedian Steve Soelberg there.  He is pretty funny you can watch a funny clip HERE.

After dinner we went ice-skating.
The rink is up on the roof and I think it is so pretty up there!
Here is Darin and his colleague Mike.

Darin and me.

After skating they had a yummy dessert bar, dancing, photo booth, wii games, arcade, and more!

But the best part was just getting to be with my sweet husband!! 

(And check out the tummy!!  HALF WAY THERE!!)

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