Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Polar Express!

We received the BEST Christmas present EVER!!  
Dad and Mom G. bought us tickets to ride the Polar Express in Heber!  
It was magical!

Our drive up was really snowy, but then it stopped right as we pulled up.  
We started out by checking out the trains.

As Darin took this picture our train started to pull up!  
You can even see the conductor standing in the doorway.

“All Aboard!”

We hopped on the train, and took our seats.

The train was decorated with all kinds of Christmas decorations.

They had us move seats a couple of times to try to make room for everyone.

It was a little squishy, and then a man came up to us and said, 
“Would you like an early Christmas Present?”  
Of course we said yes, and he moved us up to FIRST class in the BEST seats!  Wahoo!!

The kids LOVED their hot chocolates with Whip Cream, and we even got to keep the mugs!

Here is Matt with two of the “elfs.” One is 121 years old, and the other is 109 years old! 

They had a musician that Lindsay loved singing and dancing along with.

I wish I could have had a camera on the other side of the window to capture 
Matt and Lindsay’s faces as we pulled up to the “North Pole” and saw Santa!

We sang as loud as we could, in hopes that Santa would get on the train…

and he DID!!

Matt told Santa that he wanted a spider-man costume, Santa agreed, 
and then gave Matt and Linds a bell!

BEST. TRIP. EVER!!!  Thanks again and again mom and dad!  We had a ball!!


J Melvin said...

How incredibly cool. I remember when Grandma and Grandpa Hodgkinson would take us on the Heber Creeper. You're cute kids looked like they were having so much fun! Love the Whipped Cream Mustaches.

Kristy said...

YAY!!! Looks like it really was the best day ever. I'm jealous!!!

Andrew and Gina said...

haylee. we're looking at buying tickets for this. it looks like so much fun. but one thing i can't figure out is if kids under 2 need a ticket. did lindsay need one? thanks!