Saturday, December 8, 2012

Temple Square and City Creek

The Christmas Season would feel incomplete without a trip to Temple Square.
We went last night.
I HONESTLY think that the lights were the BEST they’ve EVER been!
Part of that may have been Matt and Lindsay’s excitement.

The kids loved the JSMB Christmas tree.
(It was also nice to warm up for a minute!)

Next we went to City Creek and ran into our friends, the Itas. 
We LOVE them!
Especially the kids because Paula warmed up Matt and gave both the kids some of her donut!

We stopped in to Deseret Book to see the Taffy Train, and Matt got to pull the horn!

Next we went to see the fountains at City Creek.  
You REALLY need to go see them if you can!  
They were pretty fabulous! 

This video I took doesn’t do it justice (but I do LOVE when you hear Matt right at the start say “WOAH!!!” followed by random strangers laughing at him).

And last, we went to the ZCMI candy windows!  Growing up this was one of my VERY favorite childhood memories!  I am SOOO glad they brought them back, and I REALLY hope they continue to do it!  Matt LOVED it!  I mean LOVE LOVED it!  I couldn’t get him to turn around for one picture and it took a lot of work to pull him away when it was time to go.

It was a perfect night!

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