Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

      I can’t remember having a better Christmas in my life, and I honestly can’t imagine that Christmas could get any better!  I stayed in bed by Matt until he fell asleep.  It was so fun to watch his droopy little eyes try so hard to stay awake so he could catch a glimpse of Santa out the window.  He talked in his sleep twice and laughed in his sleep too. 

     In the morning, Darin and I were too excited to wait, so we woke up both of the kids to open presents.  When we woke Matt up, the first thing he said was, “Let’s see if Santa ate his cookies and took the carrots for the deer!”
     Lindsay (and Matt) were THRILLED with the new kitchen that Santa brought, and it has already been used for hours!  And Matt got the Spiderman costume he’s been wanting so badly!  Santa was also kind to Darin and me!  It was fun to get to spend the morning with Darin’s parents too!  The kids LOVED having the extra attention.

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