Monday, November 26, 2012

The Christmas Tree Hunt

Poor Darin was sick today.  
He slept for nearly the whole day.  
I made him get out of bed for an hour to have him get a tree with us.
He wanted to stay in the car, but was a good sport and came with us.

The kids LOVED exploring the tree lot.

Then their exploring turned into racing.

And, of course, the finish line was the first one to touch dad.

We picked out a good tree and we're ready to decorate!

Life is wonderful!

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Dave and Mandi said...

LOVE all your posts!!! We have been out of town so it was fun looking at all the cute pictures of your sweet kiddos. What a great Thanksgiving away. Looked sunny and fun! I Love the snow pictures too.
And cute little Haylee you do NOT look pregnant yet, let alone with your THIRD! Amazing. Looks like you guys had a blast finding your tree despite a sick daddy. Happy Holidays!!!!!