Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

First thing Wednesday morning we headed in to the doctor’s office and found out the gender of our little baby!!  (More on that later).

Following the appointment we finished packing a few things for our trip to St. George.  I kept thinking through everything we packed.  Did we have the camera?  Did we have extra memory cards?  The extra camera lens?  Check. Check. Check.

We got down to St. George and I took this picture of Lindsay, then our camera died.  And I didn't bring the charger!  Grrr!!!  Luckily, we used Darin’s camera phone, and that actually worked out pretty well.  Yay for technology!

We had a WONDERFUL time in St. George in mom and dad’s beautiful home!  Lucky for me, I married into a fabulous family, with an amazing cook for a mother-in-law.  Every meal was delicious!  Including the actual Thanksgiving feast!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were filled with playing croquet, volleyball, lots of shopping (including Olivia taking me on my first black Friday adventure), eating, visiting, and relaxing!  It was the perfect vacation!

(I LOVE this picture of Lindsay giving Liv a hug...and I LOVE her moccasins). 

Saturday was Matt’s favorite part of the trip when we explored the red rocks. 

After church on Sunday we headed back home, and even the rides were enjoyable since Heather let us use her awesome DVD players!  (Thanks Heather!)

Thanks mom and dad for the WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful time and we love you so much!


Amy said...

Wait. You can't leave us hanging! A boy? A girl? But looks like you guys had fun in St George. How fun!

DeAnna Packer said...

Isn't it wonderful to have two loving, supportive families.... Such a blessing!