Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby, Baby, Baby…

A little about this pregnancy.
First off, it was a surprise.  Well, more like a shock really.  When I found out I was pregnant I was overwhelmed with multiple emotions (feeling sad that I was pregnant, then guilty that I wasn’t excited about being pregnant, then confused why I was pregnant when so many friends and family wish they were pregnant and aren’t, then guilty again for not being excited, then nervous about how I was going to take care of 3 kids, then puzzled about HOW I got pregnant, then a little more guilt and sadness).    That lasted for about two months, but now, I’m starting to be ok with the idea, although still extremely nervous!  (Even now I’m wondering how I’ll adapt to being a mother of THREE!!)
During my first appointment they took some routine blood tests.  The next day I got a phone call from my OB/GYN office telling me that I needed to go to the hospital for some more blood tests.  After lots of confusion, I finally met with a doctor and a phlebotomist who ended up telling me that they worked on my blood for 6 hours, found that I had some “bad antibodies” that weren’t good for the baby, but they weren’t sure what kind they were.

After asking lots of questions, I found out that there was a chance that I wouldn’t end up having this baby, and if I did he or she could have brain damage, or other health problems.  They said that if I ended up making it full term they would have a team from the University of Utah come out with their equipment for the delivery.   

Hormones definitely didn’t help the situation and I immediately called Darin sobbing.  He came straightaway, leaving his golf game half way through. 

Darin gave me a priesthood blessing which gave me peace, which was a definite blessing since it took more than a week to get the results back from the University of Utah.  After discussing the results with my doctor, I felt reassured that everything would be ok and I felt completely amazed at the advanced medical world we live in!

With this antibody I have my levels are currently low, which means that the chances of birth defects are pretty low too.  However, I will continue to get blood tests each month to make sure my levels don’t go up.  I asked my doctor what they could do if my levels did change, and he said that the baby can get a blood transfusion while still in utero, which I find absolutely incredible. 

So, this baby has already had a pretty intense start, but we are excited to meet this little boy or girl due April 24th, and we're excited to find out NEXT WEEK if it is a boy or girl!!


DeVries Fam said...

I was always amazed at what an amazingly compassionate and strong person you were and I still am amazed at you when I read your blog. You would be an awesome mom to 3 kids or 33 kids. Congrats!

Stephanie Lee said...

Congratulations! I'm so sorry things aren't easy with the pregnancy so far; I can't even imagine. I'll definitely keep you and this new little one in my prayers! I'm so impressed by your strength and courage! If anyone can be a great mom to 3 kids, it's you!

Amy said...

I am so sorry that you guys are going through this and hope that everything turns out okay. But I know, whatever happens, you two will get through it. I admire your strength and your amazing testimony. Love you! Our little ones will only be a month apart!