Monday, October 29, 2012

Up to the Uintas

We took a little trip up to the cabin this weekend. 

Darin got off work a little early so we could get an early start.

Our Corolla made it through the snow and we safely made it to the cabin without having to snowshoe in!  When we got there, I realized (yet again) that I have the best husband ever!  He let me stay in the warm car while he took in ALL of our supplies, the children , and got a fire started.  


After we thawed out a little we had some chili for dinner and donuts and hot chocolate for dessert.  

Then we played a mean game of UNO, and after a HUGE comeback, I WON!

We listened to some good music, danced around, played more games, got the children ready for bed, and then had some friends join us for “scary movie night.”  Which turned out to be not so scary.

(but check out this scary picture from outside...perfect setting for scary movie night).
In the morning we had a yummy breakfast of fruit, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast casserole.  We watched more movies, visited, played out in the snow, cleaned up then headed home around 3.  


While we were cleaning up and going in and out, I found Lindsay eating the snow that fell off everyone shoes.  YUCK!

We saw a moose on our way out.  It was huge and only about 15 feet away!

We had a great time other than our friends got sick while up at the cabin and had to go home early.  We missed you guys!

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Jena said...

:( I'm so sorry we had to leave! You have no idea how bummed out I was. We loved it while it lasted and hope someday we will be invited back. :) We love your cute family!!