Monday, October 29, 2012


Doesn't it seem like EVERYONE who has lived with roommates has had at least one of "those roommates?"  You know the one I'm talking about...the one that everyone tells horror stories about?

Well, I lucked out, and had AWESOME roommates all three years I lived in Provo!  I love every single one, and although I don't keep in contact with all of them as well as others, I still have great memories of each of them.

One of my favorite years at BYU was the year I lived at the Riveria, or the "Riv."  Part of it may have been because I took fewer and easier classes, or maybe it was because it was the year I didn't date just one guy, or maybe it was the free chocolates they gave away in the office.  But, I think the biggest part of it was because of the girls I lived with!

Within the last month I have been able to see THREE of my roommates from that year.  (Although it REALLY should be four because Becca and I only live like 10 minutes apart, I'm just a bad friend).

Lindsay came in town from North Carolina, and even though our visit wasn't long, I always LOVE getting to see her, and I got to meet her sweet new baby Jack!

Next, my roommate Sara came in town from New York.  It has been three years since I last saw Sara, and she is super awesome!  She just makes me happy--and my kids too!  She really won them over!  Every time Matt sees Rachael Ray on TV he says, "LOOK!  It's Sara!"  While she was in town we got to do a session at the Salt Lake Temple together.

 And this last week we took a little trip down to Provo to visit Bridget for her birthday.  Her daughter is only a few days apart from Lindsay, so it is fun to watch them play together too.  We went out for some lunch at Cafe Rio (always a win), and then visited at her cute house for a while.

I LOVE all of these girls, and it was so fun to be with each of you!

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