Friday, September 14, 2012

First Day of School.

Matt had his first day of pre-school.
It’s actually pre-pre school, like joy school.
It made him seem so old.
We’re just taking turns with other moms.
I’m really excited about it, and Matt’s even more excited!

After we crossed the street, Matt said to me,
“You don’t have to hold my hand the rest of the way.”
…I was hoping that wouldn’t happen until he was like 30.

Matt was really excited about wearing his backpack.  He is my little stud-muffin!!

Matt and his buddy Dax.

 It should be a fun year!


Naazju said...

My goodness. I was so flummoxed when your post said "first day of school"--your babies aren't that old yet! But he does look completely excited for it. Glad y'all get to take turns teaching the kids!

Dave and Mandi said...

He is so handsome Haylee! I wish I lived closer to you I would SO want to do a co-op joy school with you....knowing my kids would always want to go to your house!!