Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This is what we've been up to pretty much ALL summer!

Lindsay and my cute mom...
Can you believe she's almost 60?  
That is one young looking grandma if you ask me! 

Matt prepping to go down the slide!

After the big windstorm we planted some new flowers.  
I thought this one was especially pretty.

Jumping off the diving board.

I know that some people don't like videos on blogs, and I know that this is the 2nd one this week, but I think it is pretty impressive!!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness. For some reason this video made me all teary-eyed. Lindsay is amazing and so adorable!

Holly said...

Lindsay is adorable but can I just say how homesick it made me to hear your mom's voice...please give her a hug for me!
Love you!

McKenna said...

That is such a cute video of Lindsay!!! She is such a little swimmer!

Emily said...

Who doesn't like a video on a blog? Especially one with such a cute, impressive little girl and your awesome mom! And the video you posted of her jabbering is soooo adorable!