Friday, August 10, 2012

Lemonade Stand

This past Christmas Grandpa and Grandma Gunnerson gave Matthew a cardboard castle.  He LOVED it!  It had been broken, taped back together, ripped apart, taped back together, over and over again.

The castle had finally had it.  It was time to throw it away.  Matthew was VERY upset.  I told him that we could turn it into something new if he wanted.  He chose a lemonade stand.  He helped me cut it, paint it, and put it together.

We took it up to Grandpa Welling’s house to take a few pictures first, and we even got a few customers, including our cute Aunt DeeAnna, Grandma, and even a few golfers at Bountiful Ridge took some over the fence (I REALLY wish I would have gotten a picture of that).

After taking some pictures, we came home, set it up at our house, and we “sold out” in about 5 minutes!  Even though the lemonade was free, Matt got a few coins for his mission bank!  He had SO MUCH FUN!

So, without further ado, the pictures:

Thanks for making Matt's day so HAPPY Aunt DeeAnna!


Dave and Mandi said...

So so so cute!!! Love the bow tie and Lindsay's dress!!!

Jadi said...

There are seriously the CUTEST pictures I have ever seen. You should frame these and put them on your wall. They are so CUTE!!!

Courtney N said...

Oh fun! The bow tie is too cute!

Courtney N said...

How fun! And the bow tie is too cute!