Monday, August 27, 2012

Escape to the Cabin

We had a wonderful trip to the cabin.
I love it there.

We started out with tin foil dinners and fresh peaches.

Then we had popcorn and hot chocolate while watching The Muppets.

We didn't just like the movie, we LOVED it!!

So much that Darin decided that THIS is our family’s new theme song.
(Seriously, go watch it, I LOVE the song, and the video makes me laugh every time!)

In the morning Darin let me sleep in, and made breakfast for us!
Our “bed head” family.

Next, Darin and Matthew went fishing.

While they were fishing, Lindsay and I went for a little hike.

The leaves are just starting to change!  I’m SOO excited!  I can’t wait to come back up!

On our hike back to the cabin, Matt decided he wanted to carry Linds.
Surprisingly he did a really good job!

When we got back, we did a lot of relaxing.
We did puzzles, games, coloring, watching movies, dancing, and more.

Of course, we had to take a family shot before heading back to the city.
(We took this picture by balancing the camera on a pile of wood, setting it to auto timer, and running into place).


Allan and Vicki said...

We love it, too! Great pics!

Julie said...

super great family photo (not that you've ever taken a bad one) and go figure... you had to set and run. NICE.