Saturday, August 18, 2012

Davis County Fair

A few weeks ago, someone jokingly said that Darin’s turnip was so big he should enter it into the fair.  I thought I’d surprise him and do it!  The morning of the fair I decided to enter his blackberries too.  Well, I was glad I did, because….

They BOTH took FIRST place!!

Here is his turnip:

And here are his blackberries:

(not only are these blackberries HUGE but they are DELICIOUS!!)

While we were at the fair Matt played a ring toss game. 
We waited in line behind like 10 kids, and MATT was the FIRST to win!!  

Good job little buddy!!

Next we looked at the chickens.

Then, we went to the petting zoo…definitely a HIT!!

We looked at some of the fine arts.  Lindsay looking at some pictures.  Isn’t she cute!?

A little side story:

They had a cute baby contest at the fair, and every kid who entered got a prize.  So, since Lindsay is pretty stinking cute, I entered her in.   While she was on stage, she was smiling, and waving, and being “perfect.”  Then, I noticed the judges keep looking and pointing to Lindsay, and one other baby as they discussed.

First, they called out 3rd place……not Lindsay.
Next, they called out 2nd place…..not Lindsay.
Last, they called out 1st place………….NOT LINDSAY!!

What!!?  Now I know why those pageant mothers are crazy, because you literally think that your kid is the cutest on the planet, and what is wrong with someone who doesn’t agree!?  (There were over 200 babies in her defense).  We will NOT be entering ANY more contests that are remotely similar to pageants.  Lesson learned. 

And last, who can resist a head cut out picture!


Rosalee said...

I saw your entries. They were HUGE! I am really impressed. We missed the petting zoo somehow... sad. But I did lose my contact while there so we cut our trip short. I'm glad you had fun!

Bonnie said...

I learned the baby contest lesson early with Haken. I agree that she totally should have won. If they could have heard her talk they would have given her the sweepstakes award! She doesn't need to win for us to know she is adorable!