Monday, August 27, 2012

Back Yard Concert

This is seriously one of my favorite events of the whole summer!
The Proctor Backyard Concert!

The whole Proctor family is so talented!
  This year Chris and Jeff played the guitar and sang, and Sue did an awesome job on the violin.  

But I REALLY missed Lindsay—not just for her singing!

Early in the concert my Lindsay had a stinking diaper,
so I asked Darin for the keys, at which point we realized that we had locked the keys in the car.
When I told Matthew that we locked the keys in the car he said,
“That’s GREAT!  Now we never have to go home!”
Needless to say, he was disappointed when we called the locksmith.

My other favorite Matt line from the night was when I took him inside to go to the bathroom, 
he said, 
“Mom, I think that we should get THIS house next time.”  
Ha ha!  I WISH!!

Matt loving "the music party."

Jeff rocking out!

Mom and Matt.

Lindsay was SOO funny!  
She HATED these spicy chips, but she kept eating them, then pulling this angry face!

Chris singing a little Coldplay.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect!  
Just wish I would have gotten a picture of the beautiful sunset!

Thanks Proctors for a WONDERFUL night!!

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