Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quixotic Getaway

We celebrated our 5th Anniversary BIG TIME this year!!
We started by checking in to the Armstrong Mansion.  
(Thanks to getting a steal of a deal on KSL deals)

Then we went to Ruth’s Chris.  One word: AMAZING!!  
When we got to our table they had  scattered rose pedals on our candle lit table, 
and a card that said “Happy Anniversary.”

We had steak, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, and three cheese Au Gratin potatoes for dinner.

They told us that since it was our anniversary they’d also like to give us dessert!  
(Umm, free dessert? Yes please!)

We got the Crème Brûlée with fresh berries, 
and they wrote “Happy Anniversary” in chocolate on the plate.

The food was incredible!  Really, it is fabulous! 
  However, we’ll probably never go there again because it is crazy expensive.  
Luckily for us we were given a gift card that helped with the bill. :)

After dinner we went to Gateway to see Brave.  
(Thanks Ben and Kristy for the gift card).  
It was a cute show.

After the movie we went back to the mansion.
Did I mention that our room was AWESOME!!?  

Here’s our room and if you look to the right that door leads to the bathroom.

But wait!  Then there is a secret staircase that leads to…
An attic with a Jacuzzi!!

They also had these cool old suitcases all around our room.

Going back down the staircase.

In the morning we had breakfast with a berry cobbler, casserole, fresh fruit, and a parfait.

Only two other rooms were being used so we got to peak in the other rooms.  I liked ours the best!

 I loved the details throughout the whole mansion.  Check out the ceiling.

If you make a reservation to stay one night at the mansion (Sunday through Thursday)
and then post about your experience on your blog, you can get at 25% discount!

You can click HERE to view the rooms and make a reservation!

After we checked out of the mansion we went and walked around City Creek.  

It is beautiful!

What!?  Did I get to marry that handsome guy!?  Lucky me!

Before we picked up the kids we got to do sealings in the Bountiful temple.  
A perfect end to our little getaway. 

The whole getaway was so fun.  I just LOVE being with Darin. 
I laughed so hard.  He's always saying and doing the funniest things.
I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary even if it was a little Quixotic!

Love you my handsome, smart, kind, giving, spiritual, strong man of my dreams!!

Thank you SO SO much mom and dad for watching 
Matt and Lindsay!!

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Katie Hagen said...

what a perfect anniversary! i've always wanted to stay in one of those charming b&bs here in salt lake.