Monday, July 16, 2012

Lindsay’s Update.

Today we went in to Primary Children’s for Lindsay’s CT.  They talked about sedating her because she’s getting bigger and more mobile.  But luckily she held still but just kept saying, “Mom! Mama! Mom! Mama! Mom!”

After the CT we went into meet with Dr. Kestle.  Matt found this toy that he loved.

Dr. Kestle looked at the pictures for what felt like forever without saying anything.  
He kept zooming in and out, measuring, and comparing the pictures.

Finally he said, 
“Well, it definitely doesn’t look any worse, but it doesn’t look any better either.  Hmmm.”

Her head size is still far off the charts, and it isn’t getting any closer to where she should be, but then he asked how she was doing with everything else.  I told him that she was walking and talking, and he seemed really impressed with that progress, but still a little concerned that her ventricles haven’t gotten any smaller, so we’ll be going back again in six months.

So, that was kind of a blah report.  Not too happy, but not too sad either.

I guess I've never posted that Lindsay is walking or talking,
 so here is a little video to show how she’s doing.


Dave and Mandi said...

She is so insanely cute Haylee! I guess Blah could always be worse (as you well know)...As long as she is doing well what more could you ask for right?

Dave and Mandi said...

p.s. I LOVE your last post. I love reading your blog and seeing all the cute fun things you do with your sweet kiddos...but it is nice to know that everyone has moments that are less than perfect. I think it is nice though when blogs focus on the happy stuff. That is what we should focus on right?