Monday, July 16, 2012


I recently have had a few people tell me that my blog makes them feel depressed.  
WHAT!!?  MY blog!!?

I once read a disclaimer that I think should be on every blog that says something like,

“This is NOT real life.”

People take the best of everything that is going on in their life 
and put all in one spot to make it seem like a flawless life.  
I hope that no one feels that way when they look at our blog.

I will admit that I do LOVE my life, but it is FAR from perfect!

My house gets messy.  I get behind on the laundry.  My kids often look homeless.  I often look homeless.  I go swimming with hairy legs.  I serve cold cereal for dinner.  My kids can drive me crazy.  I am painfully frugal.  Our yard has weeds.  My bathroom sometimes smells like a little boy.  Should I go on?

So, today I thought  I’d add a little perspective to the blog.

The other day I made tarts.  The raspberries and the mint leaves are fresh from our garden!  
They’re beautiful right!?

And my neighbor gave me these flowers, and my table was set with these beautiful dishes.  
Aren’t they pretty?

So, normally I would just post those first two pictures, but guess what!?  
If I would have just turned the camera around, you would have seen this:
A messy kitchen, and a messy Haylee.

Let’s see what’s wrong with this picture.  First, a messy kitchen.  I’m in running clothes, but I never went running.  I have a bad habit of leaving the cupboard doors open when I'm cooking.  The baking powder and cornmeal aren’t put away in the right places in the cupboard.   The milk isn't in the fridge. The paper towel holder empty.  My shirt has all kinds of stuff on it. There is a random pencil sharpener on the counter. The kids were playing with the camera (hence this picture). I look nasty, and I let you see it! 

So, in the future, keep things in perspective as you look at other people's blogs.  
Things are NEVER as good as they seem.


Meredith Shatzer said...

HA! Love you Haylee! But I still think you're incredible and have WAY more energy that I wish I had!

Katie Hagen said...

this post made me laugh out loud- because i believe you were being completely sincere- i will say i love seeing all the fun things you do and have never felt bad about myself because of reading your blog (i've heard that one before too, even though i feel like i'm super candid and have often shared too much of the negative/reality..) i actually hate when people say stuff like that because everyone just has different talents and picks and chooses what they share online like you said... but your mess/reality pic really made me decide you really are too perfect. :) i would proudly display my kitchen in such a state- i have the messiest unorganized kitchen, it would put yours to shame. great post, you're cute. & maybe a little too perfect.

Bruce and Liss said...

you're cute. i loved this post. you make me laugh and you're AMAZING as always.:) Love the posts above too. Sooo happy that Linsay seems to be doing so well. We'll continue to pray for her.....hopefully 6 months from now it won't be such a blah report. Good things to come!!!!