Sunday, July 8, 2012

5 Years

This week is our 5 year anniversary!  
Part of me can't believe it has been that long.  
Another part of me can't believe it hasn't been longer!  

But one thing is for sure, it has been a WONDERFUL 5 years!!
Is the "honeymoon phase" really supposed to last this long!?

Thanks Darin for making life so much FUN!

Here is a slideshow of our past 5 years.  

--If you don't care to look at the pics, at least enjoy the song, its a good one!--

Happy Anniversary Darin!!  


Jena said...

Happy 5 Years!!! Loved the slide show!

Shauna said...

so it!

yay_for_redheads said...

You're so darling, I want to squish you!

Julie said...

Congrats! Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Loved it! Happy 5 years! You two are an amazing couple!