Friday, July 13, 2012

#23- Make a Quilt

I accomplished another one of my 30 before 30 goals. 

I made a quilt.

I had some quilting friends that said,
 “Once you make your first quilt you’ll be addicted, and all you’ll want to do is make quilts."

That didn’t happen to me. 
  I messed up several times and kept getting frustrated.  
My poor mom –I was determined to do the whole thing by myself , 
and I’m sure she could have done the whole quilt in less than an hour. 
  Instead she had to spend hours and hours coaching me, showing me how to fix all my errors.

But, it is DONE!!  Don’t look too close because it is FAR from perfect,
 but I’m proud that I did it!

And all you quilting people, I’m officially impressed!  
I won’t be making another quilt anytime soon!

Thanks Bridget for the pattern!  
And thanks mom for your hours and hours of help!

The hours and hours were definitely worth it though.
The quilt is in the mail off to a cute little boy that I'm praying for in the North Carolina NICU.

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