Monday, July 16, 2012

#2- Run a Half Marathon!

 Yes!  I did it!  That one feels good to have done!  A few months ago my friend Jana started training me for a half.  But a little while in she threw out her back L and we stopped running. 

Last week my sister in law, Kristy, convinced me to go up to Wyoming and run the Star Valley Half.  I debated, but finally gave in and did it (even though I hadn’t been running for almost a month).

Kristy’s sister (who is also my friend), Jess, (who is actually the one that got me started on this whole 30 before 30 thing), ran the race with us!

Kristy, Jess, and I all started out together, but then Jess and I finished it together.  Jessica is pretty much amazing (as in she runs two halfs a year) and she was WAY too nice to me!  She went at my pace the whole time, with a few exceptions when she got in the zone and got far ahead of me.  Then, when she saw that I was WAY behind her, she stopped and walked until I caught up! 

Mile 12 was pretty hard (ok REALLY hard), and I was barely hobbling along.  Then, right as we came around the last corner to the last stretch, the crowd started cheering, my power song came on, and I pushed the last stretch a little too hard—and I am REALLY sore today!

Posing for a picture on the left, then feeling light headed, and lost my balance on the right.

After the race we went back to the Bott cabin (more like the Bott mansion—it is huge and gorgeous!)  Kristy watched my kids while I took a long bath in their HUGE tub!  It felt SOO nice! THANK YOU KRISTY!! But I felt bad because Ben and Darin went golfing and got back before Kristy got to take a bath.  So I got a long bath and she got a quick shower.  Sorry Kristy!

We took the kids over to the pond for a little while, packed up, then headed home (with a stop on the way for some sushi).  It was a quick trip, but a fun one!



Jadi said...

Haylee!! You are the best! Good job running a half marathon. I don't think that is something I will ever be able to accomplish. I am not a runner but wish I was. We will keep Lindsay in our prayers. Hopefully everything will look better in 6 months. I loved your perspective blog post. However, I am still convinced you are as close to perfect as a mom can get. :) I LOVE you!! We will get a CD of pictures from the reunion in the mail to you guys soon! :) LOVE and MISS you!!

Bonnie said...

You are amazing! I am lucky to finish a 5K! Good job and keep checking off that bucket list! I'm sure you will get them all done!