Monday, June 11, 2012

Rocky Shores!!

Our family took a little trip to the zoo this weekend.

We started out on a train ride.  Part way through the ride the train broke down. 
It made for a fun new adventure.

Next we saw the elephants, and got to feel elephant skin.

We were laughing pretending that this elephant had been naughty, and was on "time-out."

With the new opening of Rocky Shores they let the kids decorate their own hat.

When we actually got over to "Rocky Shores" there was a HUGE crowd.

Everyone kept saying that there was nothing to see so the huge group left.

Then, when we came over, THREE otters came over and were swimming right next to us.
They even started doing all kinds of tricks--I got some GREAT videos!  It was awesome! 

When we went to the glass below, the same thing happened.

No action. Crowd leaves. Animals come.
Even the polar bear jumped in right where we were looking and he started doing tricks.

I swear, it was like every animal was saying,
"Here come the Gunnerson's, so put on a good show!"

Because next we went to the bears and right when we walked in, the bear walked right up to us!

We LOVED Rocky Shores, but the giraffes are still my favorite.

I think I might be rubbing off on Matt because he kept pretending to be a giraffe.
Sitting on dad's shoulders trying to eat the leaves with his tongue.

I LOVE the zoo!!

It was extra fun to be there with favorite person ever!

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