Friday, June 15, 2012


We were in the kitchen.

I was making rolls and the kids wanted to help.

The rolls were for a dinner party, so I didn't want the kids to help.

I was uptight, frustrated, and  stressed.

Then, I noticed Matt and Lindsay had poured more flour on the counter
 and were drawing pictures in the mess.

I thought it was cute, so I took a picture.

Then, Matt took a handful of flour, threw it right at me, and started to laugh.

I felt my blood pressure rising as I debated what to do or say to Matt (time-out, lecture, etc.)

But then, I grabbed a handful of flour, threw it back at him, and we both started to laugh.

We got in a BIG flour fight.  It was fun.  REALLY fun!

I was late to the party, I had to re-shower, and I had a really messy kitchen, but it was worth it!

And even though we will NOT be having a flour fight every time I make rolls,
it was good to calm down and relax.


yay_for_redheads said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

tamara said...

Haylee, THANK YOU!!!! Its so easy to get caught up in the business if life. We all need to stop and smell the FLOUR. I truly needed this, I love how you bless ALL those around you!!!!!

Bruce and Liss said...

sooo fun. Way to go Haylee. What fun memory. And your rolls look awesome btw!:)

Kristy said...

I can definitely learn a lesson from you on this!!!

Annie said...

That is awesome Haylee! I hope I would be as good as you!