Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trip to the Cabin

We went to the cabin this weekend.
It was A LOT of fun!

We had A LOT of good food...dutch oven dinner, smores, hot dogs, and more!

We went on some fun hikes.

I love this picture!  
I think Darin is incredibly handsome!  
Lucky me!

This was my first time to Provo River Falls.

Look who's doing SUPER AWESOME walking!!  
Go Lindsay!!

We shot some BB guns!

Matt got in on the action.
I love this face on Matt!

Yes, I too got in on the action!

We do have an indoor bathroom at the cabin, but Matt LOVED going in the outhouse!
Silly boy!

I LOVE these next two pictures of Lindsay!  Her eyes were extra blue!

And I feel like Matt looks like a teenager in this picture!
Look at him so casually leaning back on his elbow!
What a stud!

Thanks mom and dad G for the fantastic weekend!
And thanks Darin for being the best husband ever! 

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Angie said...

Looks like a fun weekend! But your not supposed to look so cute when your camping!!!