Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 5k

A few weeks ago I ran into my old (like from way back before I had any kids) running partner, Jana. 

I told her that I needed to start running again, and she agreed to be my partner again.

This girl is AMAZING!!  She is a fantastic runner—like running half marathons on the weekends for fun.

Not only is she a great runner, but she’s fun to run with and even though I’m sure I slow her WAY down she is patient with me.

Well, today we ran a 5k.  I only had one goal—to run it under 30 minutes.

Check it out ladies and gentlemen….

 After the race we had a yummy breakfast. 
 (My kids also LOVE Jana—especially because 90% of the time they come with us on our runs).

And of course, since there was a fire truck we had to take a few pictures by it, and IN it!

Thanks Jana!!!  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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Banana Rama said...

HAYLEE...YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!! I am inspired everyday we go running to be a better person because of you! I love you and your kids and wouldn't change running with you for the world!!!