Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo

We had a fun pre cinco de mayo party with the Hodgkinson cousins.

We started out by making "chili peppers" by using tootsie rolls, pretzels, and candy melts.

Aren't they cute?

Next we made maracas using easter eggs, spoons, tape, stickers, and cheerios. 

Then we had a parade shaking our new maracas!

After lunch we had "almuerzo" (lunch) -- quesadillas, rice, and fruit.  
And Gracie and Heather had to leave after lunch so they missed the pinata.  We missed you!

Check out that pinata!  Yes, I made that by myself!!

Look at that face!  That is some serious concentration! 


At the end of the party they each got to take home their own "mini-pinata!"

That night we had a fiesta!


Colby and Steph said...

You are so creative and fun. I wish I had the energy and creativity that you do. What a fun party.

Jadi said...

This was all so CUTE!!

Julie said...

You're so much fun cuz! Love seeing your creations.

DeAnna Packer said...

What a joyously happy time! You are a DELIGHT! Looks like a great time was had for all!!!

rachel said...

Those chili peppers are DARLING! (although not as darling as YOU are!)