Friday, May 18, 2012


Today Lindsay Graduated from physical therapy!!

We had a little party to celebrate.

...because she's such a "Smart Cookie!"

We gave her therapist a little cookie dough as a thank you.

A few of the cousins came over to help celebrate!

Congrats Lindsay!!  We are so proud of you!!

And guess what!!?  Lindsay has taken up to 20 steps by herself!!  WAHOO!!!


Kristy said...

Seriously the best graduation party ever!!! Just cookies my eye!

Eliza said...

What an amazing and DARLING little girl she is!!!! Congratulations Lindsay and fam :D

Katie Hagen said...

you are the best little hostess & i adore that little graduation picture! congrats lindsay!

Meredith Shatzer said...

SO darling! Congrats Lindsay!!

Dave and Mandi said...

Yay!! Congrats!! What a DARLING idea for her party Haylee!! You are such a creative mom! I am so amazed at how well she is doing...says a lot about her amazing parents!

Annie said...

What wonderful news! I love your graduation! You are the bomb! :)

Bruce and Liss said...

haylee!!! can i just say you are wayyy tooo cute! what a fun idea, cute party--and not the mention the CUTEST little graduate ever. I LOVE the pictures of Lindsay. just DARling.

Adam and Cami said...

Congratulations Lindsay! That is so exciting! What a fun thing to celebrate! I love the pics, she is adorable! :)

DeAnna Packer said...

Heaven wraps up the sweetest things and hands them out on Graduation day.... Or, tucks them under the hearts of wondrous mothers..... I am in awe.
Haylee, You are a woman worthy of imatation!
Love you and yours, Aunt DeAnna