Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FHE in the Canyon

Monday we had a combined Family Home Evening with my siblings in Mueller Park Canyon. It was a beautiful night—just perfect for roasting hotdogs!

We enjoyed being with the family.

We roasted some hot dogs (or in Lindsay’s case ate them raw).

The kids LOVED their “special drinks.” (I don’t let Matt drink soda very often, so when he gets some he gets REALLY excited!) 

Kristy brought the best dessert! She brought ice-cream cones and then we filled them with marshmallows, chocolate, recess peanut butter cups, rolos, nuts, bananas, and strawberries. Then we wrapped them in tin foil and roasted them in the fire! SOO GOOD!!!

Some family love.
Some cousin love.

Even though Kristy's dessert was awesome, we had to roast a couple of Heather's jumbo marshmallows too!

Thanks Kristy and Heather for doing all the "big stuff" for dinner!  It was fab!  
(And we missed you mom and dad and Rick and Heather!  Love you guys!)

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Shauna said...

Those desserts looks so fun and yummy! We'll have to try them. As always Hay your kids and fam are beautiful:)Sorry about the release by the way. It's hard to get released. I'll bet Darrin is super busy now though. Also, glad Lindsay is doing so well!