Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Butte Gardens, and then some.

Kristy and I took the kids out to Red Butte Garden this morning. It was "free day" but it was more like "freeze day" it was SOO cold! It even started snowing! We were only there for about 5 minutes before we left. (At least we weren't out any money right?)

It was really pretty even though it was cold!

On the way home from Red Butte we decided to stop by and say hi to "Grandpa Clark" at his office.

Dad even took the kids over to the warehouse and gave them a little tour where the shirts are made.  Matt loved it! Here is a short video of part of the "tour."

Thanks Kristy and Dad for the fun morning!! We missed you Heather and Heather!

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Sophie said...

Haylee! Your kids are so cute I almost cannot STAND it! Seriously, my heart just melts st Lindsay's cute face and Matt is so handsome! Ahhh I love them and miss and love you!