Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

We had a nice Earth day, well, more like Earth weekend. Since Earth Day was on Sunday this year we celebrated on Friday and Saturday. On Friday we made “dirt cups.”  (Notice they're in glasses not plastic cups--"Reduce.")

We also spent a lot of time jamming to THIS song! (I LOVE Jack Johnson).

That night we had “Earth Balls” (meatballs), “Trees” (asparagus), and “Mountains and Lakes” (mashed potatoes and gravy). Ok, so maybe that was pushing it a little, but Matt liked it!

Saturday we went to J and J, bought lots of plants and planted them.

We also picked up trash from the field behind our house. 
  (Random side note: There aren't many fields in Bountiful, but both places we have lived have had fields behind our house. Kind of random, but I LOVE it!)

Hope you had a happy Earth Day!


Anonymous said...

Haylee you are adorable, so are your sweet family! I love the pictures! I always look forward to reading your blogs! :D
Love, Sam

Stephanie Lee said...

I think it's so sweet how you celebrate all these fun holidays! How fun for your sweet kids! :)