Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum

Well, I finally went to the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum. I was really looking forward to seeing the two headed lamb, but honestly, it was kind of gross. We went during the “Utah Shake Out” drill so we had to evacuate before we saw the whole thing. There was a lot of cool stuff, and I think we’ll go back again to see the last two floors!

One more thing to check off of my 30 before 30!

Thanks Heather and Heather for going with us! We missed you Kristy!

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Katie Hagen said...

my mom took me to the DUP museum when I was little to see my great aunt's painting that is hanging in there- honesty, all I remember is that two headed lamb. I love your 30 before 30 list- I think I'm going to copy that! :) that book you made is amazing, I just love it!
PS- you're the cutest YW leader ever, that story made me tear up. that is all, see you tues. ;)