Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Big Change

A little over a month ago Darin and I got called in to meet with the Stake President. He told us that he had called a new Bishop, and the new Bishop had asked Darin to be the 2nd councilor. I was surprised, but I was also really excited for Darin.

(Here is the new Bishopric--Brother Ita, Bishop Fultz, and "Brother Gunnerson.")

...Then, the Stake President dropped the bomb on me…I had to be released as Young Women’s President. (Insert Haylee sobbing here).

 I have known for about a month that this was coming, but Sunday was the day that it actually happened. I thought that I would be ok—especially having known about it for so long, but I wasn’t.

 The girls were all so sweet, and wrote me cute notes after it happened. Here is a picture of our last Sunday together. Aren’t they cute girls? And aren’t my councilors cute too?

I am REALLY going to miss being with these amazing girls--and women!  But I am also really excited about their new Presidency--they'll be awesome!

One thing that has made the change easier is that we LOVE the new bishopric (and their wives)—we already have plenty of parties planned together.

On a side note, it is REALLY weird that Darin is a High Priest. We had a High Priest party last weekend and everyone kept saying, “Boy you two are young!” “I have a daughter your age!” or "I have a grand-daughter your age!” I think we heard that like 20 times. Ha ha!

So, if you have a little extra time in your day--pray for this woman to survive the 70 minutes in sacrament with two busy kids--and no husband!


Bonnie said...

So great! If anyone can do it as a bishopric member's wife it is you Hay! He will do great!

Ioana said...

Good luck!!! But I know you can do it! Darin is amazing and your ward needs him. You guys are awesome!

Amy said...

That is awesome! I heard about Darin's new calling. Tell him Congrats for me. Oh and it looks like you have plenty of YW to help you in sacrament meeting. Good luck!