Saturday, April 7, 2012

Best. Husband. Ever.

Last week I was feeling REALLY frustrated with our kitchen. Things weren't working out, and everything was taking A LOT longer than I had anticipated.

While Darin was at Priesthood session I decided to surprise him and get a bunch of work done while he was gone. Unfortunately, I didn't make any progress and even made things worse!

I got a little teary, expressed my frustrations, and then remembered that I still needed to go get some groceries. Darin said he'd get the groceries, and when he came back, he had these:

Aren't they beautiful?!!

We got everything fixed and put back together, and I am proud to announce, that as of 5 minutes ago,

OUR KITCHEN IS FINISHED!! And I LOVE it!! (Pictures to come soon!!)

Also, cute little side story:

We were at Costco yesterday and walked by the flower section. Matt yelled, "DAD!! STOP!!" When Darin asked why, Matt said, "Because I want to buy mommy some flowers!" I think Darin is doing a great job of training this boy right! Love you Darin!!

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