Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

We had a little Birthday dinner in honor of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday. Mathew LOVED having candy on the table while we ate dinner!

We had “Green eggs and Ham”

We had “One fish Tuna Fish” Sandwiches

And Cat in the Hat hat jello dessert!

It was pretty last minute, but it was really fun—I especially loved when Matt said, “Hey mom! This is a fun party!”


Sarah and Alex said...

I LOVE that you do such fun and creative parties for just about anything! Maybe one day I'll get creative like that. :) I also love your birthday project! It made me want to do more service too!

Eliza said...

Your last minute is much more creative and cute than my thought out, lol! Your children will have so many happy wonderful memories.

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

I love your Dr. Seuss food!! So cute & fun!! :)