Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day Part 3

Last night Darin was a few minutes late getting home from work. I heard an unexpected ring at the doorbell. When I opened the door, I found a really handsome man holding these:

(The handsome man was Darin in case you were wondering).

We had a romantic dinner for two downstairs. My handsome date:

We started out with some Swiss cheese fondue.

Followed by steak and shrimp fondue

And we finished the dinner with some chocolate fondue.

Later, as we were putting the kids to bed, Matt had something in his bed. I was worried he might have taken it from one of the kids at the party, so I decided to put Lindsay in bed then have a talk with Matt about stealing.

I was about to put Lindsay in her crib when I noticed there was something under her blanket. It was a Tinkerbelle Valentine that said, “To: Lindsay Love Dad.” I went back to Matt’s room and his was a Cars box of Chocolates that said, “To: Matt Love: Dad.” The kids LOVED their valentines—even Lindsay kept giving Tink kisses and shaking the box. I thought it was so sweet that Darin surprised the kids with valentines! He really is the best dad ever!

After the kids were in bed, I went to peak on our bed to see if Darin had left me a surprise too. I didn't see anything until Darin came in, and said, “What’s that behind the pillow?” It was a box of chocolates just for me! I dare say, BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.

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DeAnna Packer said...

Hmmmmmmm.....'When there's Love at Home.'
Darin, you are the absolute best.
Haylee, you remind me of the quote by Mark Twain: "Where she was, there was Eden"....

You make us all want to be better!
Love you.....(and remember 'only five measures a week is all I ask :)