Monday, February 6, 2012

Two Birthday's In St. George!

Last week we went down to visit Darin’s parents in St. George and to celebrate Matt and Darin’s birthday. We ate a lot, went to some fun parks, played, ate some more, relaxed a lot, and just had a good time. The only problem was, I hardly took my camera anywhere. Here are a few pictures from the week.

Darin, Lindsay, and Dad checking out the new fire pit.

Darin’s parents are still working on unpacking from the Philippines. This is one of the treasures they found when unpacking: Darin’s Halloween costume from when he was 3. Matt LOVES it! He wore it his whole birthday!

Darin’s birthday is the day after Matt’s. We started the morning by going to the St. George temple. Then Darin went golfing with his dad and brother, and didn’t get 1 picture!

The cute birthday boy!

Matt looking dapper for church.

Thanks mom and dad for the fun birthday weekend!

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