Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Utah State Fair

Last night we went to the Utah State Fair for FHE. We loved seeing friends, animals, art, veggies and more. We loved eating cotton candy. We loved smelling the fried foods—but didn’t love smelling the animals. We even loved listening to a bit of Weird Al. It was a GREAT night!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Guten Tag!!

Recently we were talking to one of our neighbors who grew up in Germany, then later went back with her husband and served an LDS mission in Germany. As she told us a little about her childhood/mission I decided it was time to take another “trip.” I know a lot of people think that our “vacations” are really silly, but I LOVE them! It is so fun to read and study about the country, watch videos, listen to music, look at pictures, try new food, and more. And we really do learn a lot!
For our trip to Germany we borrowed a German cookbook from our neighbor (which got a little confusing because their measurements are different than ours, and they have ingredients that I couldn’t find), and we made Brats (yes I burned them--sad), German red cabbage (which was REALLY good), and German Potatoes.
Matthew wearing his lederhosen.
After dinner we watched a few short informational videos (and got our pictures taken in front of a few landmarks), then we listened to some classical German music (Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven), then watched a German movie.
At bedtime we read a few non-fiction German books, then told Matthew the story of Hansel and Gretel (a German story by the Brothers Grimm).
The next day this handsome German chef made us German Pancakes.
It was a fun short trip--and we don't even have jet lag!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Weekend....(and then some)

This weekend was the Hydrocephalus walk. We had breakfast first, Matt got his face painted (he loved the cheerleaders), did some dancing, then went on the walk (but we got a little side-tracked by the ducks in the pond). My goal for team Lindsay was to raise $100, and we raised $600! Thanks so much for everyone that donated, and everyone that came! A special thanks to Shannon, my brothers, and my parents! You guys are the best!! Love you tons!

(Linds eating some banana and LOVING it)

After the Hydrocephalus walk, we went to my sister-in-law’s family cabin. We had so much fun! We played on the swing-set, the teeter-totter, the trampoline, went on a hike, laid on the hammocks, watched a movie, ate LOTS of yummy food, fed the horses, relaxed, made the BEST smores ever (using Recess Peanut Butter Cups), laughed a LOT, and MORE!! Thank you Rick and Heather for an AMAZING weekend! We had so much fun!!
(cute little Lindsay fell asleep on the hike).
(Darin and me at the waterfall).
Monday we did flags with the YM and YW, went for a long run, went to the park, went for a swim at Grandpa's and then had a yummy picnic pizza dinner in the back yard. And Matthew loved chasing the deer.
Tuesday Matthew, Lindsay, and I headed up to Red Butte Garden with our friends Angie and Daxton. Matt LOVED getting to see and hug Curious George. Darin came up after work--always fun to have him with us!
It was a GREAT weekend!!