Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

Darin and I received some free tickets to see Annie at Pioneer Theater Company. It was so well done! We LOVED it!
My mom and dad came with us, and they took us to dinner at Noodles and Co. (So yummy!!) And I asked my mom to take a picture of us--and this is what we got! ha ha! (Luckily we have a better one from my dad).
 And a big THANK YOU to Ben and Kristy for watching the kiddos!


Luke&Megz said...

Haylee I just got caught up on your blog and I wish I could comment on every post! You are the most creative and fun mom I've ever seen! You inspire me to do more fun things with my kids. Your kids are also the cutest stinkin things ever! Lindsay couldn't be more precious and Matt his such a handsome little guy. You have some sweet kiddos. You guys have such a cute family, I just love reading your blog!

Jadi said...

How fun!! Geoff's work offered us free tickets to go see Annie but it was on a Sunday so we had to pass. Hopefully we will get to see it one day.