Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sinterklaas Came to Town!

Sinterklaas came to our house and left some yummy chocolates in our shoes.  My sister does this too—but she has some cute Dutch shoes that she leaves out.  Hopefully one day I’ll have some cute Dutch shoes too! 
When I was growing up, each year at Christmas, my great grandma Mimi would give each of us a fifty dollar bill and a Droste Chocolate Letter of our first initial (I was always so jealous of my mom because she got more money and her chocolate W seemed so much bigger than my chocolate H.)  I won’t be giving my kids a fifty dollar bill each year, and I won’t be shipping in Dutch chocolates, but I can melt some chocolate chips and make them a little letter each year!


Ioana said...

Oh, I love it that you do the treats in the shoes tradition too! I grew up with it and I now do it for my kids. It was so funny because yesterday morning Zach told his friends at school that St. Nick left treats in his shoes and they were all so confused! It was really funny!:)

Jadi said...

What a fun tradition. I also love the books. We have a collection of Christmas books that we read every year. I like the idea of wrapping them up!