Friday, December 2, 2011

“Everyone knows It’s Windy”

This is honestly one of my favorite songs—I love it!  And I’ve had it stuck in my head with the big wind storm we’ve had (even though this song is not about wind).  It has been unreal up here in Davis County!  I went for a little drive around our neighborhood, and you honestly couldn’t go 1 block before you’d find another huge tree down!

Our problems are diminutive compared to most of our neighbors. Some of our shingles came off, our gate to our back yard broke, our Christmas lights shattered, and one of our rain gutters came off. My mom got hit pretty hard, and my grandpa even worse! He lost probably 15 trees in his yard alone, and he lost his fence to his swimming pool. I think I know how we’ll be spending our weekend.

Here are just a few pictures—we had lots more—and I stopped taking pictures because it was just feeling redundant.
This is the tree directly across the street from our house.  The tree fell and barely missed their house. (We've joked with several of our neighbors that we were going to go cut that tree down in the middle of the night--because we all hated that tree--we're actually REALLY glad it fell down!) 

Two of the kids in my neighborhood standing next to the tree.

This house is about 5 houses away from us.  The house got hit with a light post and a tree.  They're in Poland right now, and don't even know this happend!

Look at those roots!  Almost as tall as the house!

I found this trampoline in the church parking lot!

This tree was blocking the road on Davis Blvd.

The first truckload of stuff from my mom's yard.  And you can also see part of the tree on her roof.
Darin and I were going to go to the Nutcracker this night—but with no shower, we decided to pass it up.  Instead, we cuddled by the fire in our dark cold house.
…the power came on later that night, but we were having so much fun that we just decided to keep all the lights of and pretend the power was out—using candles and flashlights to get around.  It was a fun adventure!
Our prayers to those who have worse damage--and anyone is welcome to come stay in our spare bedrooms if you need a place to stay!


Rosalee said...

These pictures are insane! I'm glad you weren't badly affected by it. Good luck with the clean up at your mom's and grandpa's houses.

Anonymous said...

Wow - the pictures are really something. Thanks for letting me view them and your blog! Your family is darling ~

Adam and Cami said...

That is so funny about the tree across from you that you wanted to cut down in the middle of the night, I remember you telling me that just a couple weeks ago! Thanks to mother nature for doing the job for you! But crazy & sad to see all the others down & the damage done! We lost one here at Lone Pine too, now we just have one pine tree out front, so it truly is the "Lone" pine apartments! :) And I love that you guys just pretended to have no power even after it came back on. You are too cute!

Ioana said...

I'm glad you guys are ok. This was such a crazy one!

Jadi said...

Wow!! That did a lot of damage. I am glad you guys made it through it ok. LOVE YOU!!