Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

I could hardly sleep all night I was so excited! I woke up first, finished making our traditional Christmas Breakfast Casserole, and hopped in the shower. While I was in, Matt woke up, so I opened presents with wet hair. Matt LOVED finding empty cookie plate—so cute! We all had a great time opening and giving presents, and YES, Matt did get his “blue car and book!”

After opening presents we got dressed and went to my aunt’s house for breakfast, then to my parent’s ward for church, followed by eating left-overs from the night before at my parent’s. the rest of the day we relaxed, and had Darin’s parents over that night and received MORE gifts! (THANKS DAD AND MOM!!)

After that, we were getting ready for bed and we heard a loud knock on the door. But when I answered the door no one was there, just a gift from “Santa.” So, just in case “Santa” reads our blog—I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your EXTREMELY generous gift!!—and YES, it was our “Best Christmas EVER!!” Thank you!!

(My favorite picture from Christmas)

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