Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Trip to the Cabin

I LOVE the cabin in the fall!!

Darin and I went up to the cabin this last weekend. It was a short trip, but it was really fun. Nothing like sitting by a warm fire and watching scary movies up at the cabin!

The only bad thing about this trip was right as we left I said, “I hope we remembered everything we need.” Followed by, “I guess all we really need are the diapers, wipes and our clothes, and I know that we have that.”

We got up to the cabin and less than 5 minutes later, Matt had a dirty diaper. So, I went to get the diapers, and guess what…no bag! I remembered everything but the bag I had packed with the diapers, our clothes, underwear, makeup, etc. So, Darin had to make a quick trip to town to buy some diapers. After that, it was a very enjoyable weekend!

Oh, and my two sweatshirts were in that bag, and it was SUPER cold---luckily there was a coat up at the cabin for me to use!


The Gunnerson Family said...

Too much fun! I love the fall too, especially all of the great things to do with your kids.

Billie Sue said...

I love the cabin too! I actually have never spent time there in the fall...only the dead of winter when we have to hike in. How fun and romantic to spend the weekend there together! Your little ones are beautiful!

rachel said...

What fun updates! Your family is too cute and I love your Peter Pan costumes - I might have to remember that one for next year!!