Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mr. Toad's Great Adventure

*Disclaimer: I let my dad chose the title of this blog post—this post has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Toad.

We has an awesome Halloween Party with my family last week at my parent’s house. My sister planned lots of fun games for the kids, and we all had a GREAT time! The kids made q-tip skeletons, a relay with ghost shaped marshmallows on a spoon, picking up “witch hats” (chocolate chips) with a straw, and more. We had soup in bread bowls that looked like pumpkins and decorated Halloween sugar cookies. It was such a fun night!!

We went as Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinkerbell.

Sucking up Chocolate Chips or "Witch Hats" through a straw.

The two Tinkerbells.

Q-tip Skeletons

I did this every year that I taught school. I gave each of the kids a paper with an outline of a grave yard.  Then I let the kids color in everything but the sky with crayon.  Next, we paint over the top with water color.  What the kids don’t know is that I had colored a ghost with white crayon somewhere on the paper, so when the paint goes on a ghost appears! 


Kristy said...

Cute pics! I love how Lindsay is so so happy and Eliza is just sitting there like nothing exciting is going on. Love our Tinks!

Bonnie said...

Looks like somebody gets Disney Family Fun magazine! I loved all the fun games and ideas they had in there this month. What a fun Halloween!

Sophie said...

Ha, I did that activity in my class too. I think Pat taught it to us.