Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lindsay is 10 months!

Her two bottom teeth came in!
She’s still not crawling—but she’s still having Physical Therapy every other week to work on it.
She’s still super happy!


Jadi said...

She is so cute!! I can't wait to see her in person next week! :)

I love the cute nightgown you made and I LOVE the Harry Potter party you did. You are so much fun. It makes me wish we lived closer to you.

I also think it is a fun tradition to write Santa letters. My kids both loved it.

Ioana said...

She is adorable!!!!! I also LOVE her little night gown! Too cute!

Shauna said...

She's adorable! I loved your Harry Potter party. So fun and creative! You are one fun mom and wife...your family is lucky :)

Annie said...

Cute little girl! I don't think her night gown looks like a night gown! It looks like such a cute dress! But it of course can work as a night gown. So cute!
Fun parties! Way to go Haylee!

Julie said...

She gets more yummy every day. Love all your creative parties and things cuz!